Technical FAQ's and Information

Q: How do I attach the stand on a Hu-Motion Frame?


Q: Are your frames wall-mountable?

A: All NIX Frames are wall-mountable, except the X08B and X07C/D. On the back of the frame, there are two keyholes that allow you to fix the frame to the wall. We’re not DIY experts, but there are very good websites like www.ehow.com that contain articles on how to mount frames.

 Q: Certain .AVI and MPEG-4 Video files are not playing properly. Why not?

A: The truth is that the subject of MPEG-4 and .AVI is a tricky thing. Basically there is no absolute standard format and every major camera manufacturer keep updating their own versions of MPEG-4 to improve compression. As a result, we as display manufacturers are constantly updating our firmware to keep pace with different encoding. We would recommend downloading a free divx converter that will convert your video into a standardized MPEG-4 video. (Mac users, see the question below)
(note that DivX software is a third party software and that Creedon Technologies Ltd. is not responsible for misuse of this software or resultant interaction with your devices).

Another program that comes recommended is 'Any Video Converter'.


1. Download the program onto your computer first. 

2. Load your video into the program by clicking on the “Add Video” Icon, or simply drag right into the window of the program.

3. Once loaded, at the top right of your screen there is  “Output Profile”. There are 2 drop down menus. The first one will need to be set at “Video File”,  the icon is a blue film strip. Once that is set, use the drop down to the right of that and select    "Customized AVI movie (*.avi)”.

4. You will need to set up the Video Options.  On the right middle of the program screen you will see “Video Options”.  Below are the settings you need to choose:

Video Options:


Video Codec:  MPEG4

Frame Size: 720 x 576

Video Bitrate: 768

Video Frame Rate: 25

***All the other settings should be preset, changing them will affect the playback of your video and possibly not play***

As an alternative, go into the 'Shop', then select your product.  In the product page, click on 'Product Updates, Instruction Manual and User Information'.  You can download a detailed document on video conversion.

Q: I am a Mac user.   What are your tips for converting videos on my Mac? 

We are not sure what software you use to work on, but for your information, here are the Export settings we've used in iMovie that work with the Nix frame....

 Export using QuickTime

Movie to MPEG-4


MPEG-4 Improved

Up to 2056 kbits/sec

Image size: 720 x 576

Frame rate: 30

Video Options: Uncheck Resync Markers


AAC-LC (Music

128 kbps


44.100 kHz

Encoding Quality: Better 


Q: Still on the subject of videos, can I play my HD videos on your frames? 

A: Our frames are not technically HD Ready, but it is possible to convert your HD videos to play in the frame. There is a free program called "Free Video Converter by Extensoft" which you can download. It does batch conversion, and it has the ability to combine several short clips into one as it converts. Drag your clips in to the Home screen and choose Export. The settings that work are Profile: MPEG2, Video: MPEG-2, Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 2 (both auto selected when you select the profile). Then just adjust the output for Letterbox, Custom, 720x576, leave Smooth Scaling and Deinterlace checked. You can choose whether to have one clip assembled out of all you loaded, or to have them encoded as separate clips when you choose Convert.  This produces a full width HD format video with black bars at the top and bottom that scales to the NIX frame perfectly. (note that Extensoft software is a third party software and that Creedon Technologies Ltd. is not responsible for misuse of this software or resultant interaction with your devices - This is merely some friendly advice that we are sharing with you as we discover any tips from the complicated world of video conversion)

Q: The slideshow sometimes freezes on a particular picture. What’s happening?

A: Occasionally the frame gets stuck on a particular photo. First of all, make sure you are using JPEG’s only. The photo might have been edited or saved in manner which is not fully compatible with the frames processor. The only practical solution we have found is to delete that photo from the file. Of course if you still had access to the original camera card you can reload the original.

Q: How do I load photos onto my PC or MAC?

A: Firstly, you need to connect the USB cable from the frame to your computer. Insert the mini-USB end into the Digital Picture Frame and the standard USB end into your PC.  You should see a screen on the frame that says ‘PC or USB connected’ (If not, turn on the frame).

  • 1. If you click on ‘my computer’ or ‘computer’ (which is usually located on your desktop), the memory disk should be recognized here as ‘Memory or Data’.  Click on this and the disk should open up blank. If you can’t locate it, go into ‘My Computer’ and you will see your Removable Disks. One of these will be the Internal Memory. To discover which one it is, right click and select ‘properties’. The disk space should denote which is the Internal Memory, ie if your frame has a 1GB Memory, the disk space will be 1GB. There it is!
  • 2. Leave this window open, now open up your ‘my pictures/photos’ folder, or wherever else you’ve stored the pictures you want to access.
  • 3. Now, with both windows open on your screen, you can drag and drop your desired pictures in the Internal Memory Disk. Depending on how many are being transferred, this might take a few minutes.
  • 4. When done, disconnect the USB cable correctly (otherwise you might lose all your hard work! - see next question in this  FAQ to find out how). Now check out your frame.  The photos should all be on there.

For Apple Mac Computer:
After connecting the frame via the supplied USB cable to your mac. The frames internal drive will appear on your desktop as ‘Memory’. Just drag and drop your photos from iphoto or your hard drive onto the frames hard drive.

Q: How do I disconnect a USB Cable from the frame safely,  so I don't lose what I just transferred?

The best way of ejecting a device safely is by opening up ‘Computer/My Computer’.  When you see the device you want to remove, right-click on it and click on either ‘Eject’ or ‘Safely Remove Device/Hardware’, then follow instructions.

Q: How big can Memory Cards be In Capacity?

A: The simple answer is that our frames will accept most High-Capacity Memory cards like, for example, a 16gb SDHC.
However, bear in mind that if there are thousands of files on your card and they are in different folders or formats ie MP3,.avi,.txt) etc, this will probably slow the frame's processor.
If you're just dealing with jpeg's for example, you should be able to view as many as your card contains. Also, if the frame does not appear to be reading a card, it is worth checking Properties and ensuring that 'FAT' or 'FAT32' is selected.

Q: How do I just display photos from a particular folder?

A: Our TS08C, X08A, X12A, X15A and X10A models allow you to display photos from a selected folder. Here’s what to do:

  • 1. Select the desired memory device: USB or SD card etc 
  • 2. Go to 'File'
  • 3. Select the folder you want and press Enter
Q: I’ve just received a frame with an Internal Battery and it’s not charged. What should I do?

Between the time this frame was manufactured and its arrival at your home, the battery may have drained. No problem ,just plug it into the mains using the AC adapter provided and charge until the light at the back of the unit changes from red to green.

Q: I am trying to connect my frame to my PC to transfer photos but it is not recognised

A:  Please note that not all of our frames have an Internal Memory.   Current models that have no Internal Memory are the X07D. X07E, X08C and X10B.  

Q: What Batteries do your frames use and how long should they last?

A: Our frames sport Lithium-ion batteries. From new, you should expect to get about 2/3 hours battery life when fully charged on th 8" Hu-Motion Frame. The typical life of a lithium battery in our application will be 4 years, at that point the amount of charge it can deliver will have reduced by about 30% - 50%. At that point, you will have probably gone and bought yourself a newer, better photo frame. Technology never sleeps!

Q: What are the exact dimensions of the frames?

A: Take a look in the Product Description of whatever frame you are interested in and look in 'All Features'.

Q: Why won't the photos I edited in Photoshop play on my Digital Photo Frame?

A: NIX Frames recognise JPEG files only, so make sure you save your work as JPEG-STANDARD or STANDARD-JPEG.  Also, if you have saved files as CMYK, they will be unreadable, so you should convert them to RGB.

Images uploaded direct from a camera are processed correctly, but if 
an image is taken into Photoshop for alterations, when re-saved as a jpeg 'Baseline Standard' option must be selected. For example,  CS4 Photoshop is set at the 'Progressive' option. When saved like this your Frame will not accept it or not process it correctly, ie it might be pixelated.

Q: How/Where can I get replacement parts?

A: Email us at support@nix-digital.com We will help you out.

Q: How can I play photo’s in the exact sequence I want to see the in?

A: It is sometimes possible that your camera, memory stick or the software you are storing your images on have arranged your photos in a certain sequence that plays fine on the original device but not on the frame.

We recommend that you choose the photo’s you want to see in an exact sequence, then load them individually onto the Internal Memory, SD Card or USB Flash Drive in the precise order you want.  So if you are loading from a Computer, select the first photo you want in the collection, add it to the Disk Drive.  Now select the second photo you want in the collection, add it next to the first photo.  And so on.  Before you finish, just make sure you look at the window where you have placed these files and you are satisfied that from left to right, they appear in the sequence you want to see them in. The frame’s processor will understand this and display the photo’s in the order you individually placed them on the memory device.  Simply selecting a folder of many different filenames (even if they are number or date specific) and loading them onto the memory device will not work.

As a final suggestion, there is a great FREE program called DPF Manager  that you can try. It works well and allows you to save photos in the exact order and orientation you want them in.

Q: I can‘t remove the battery tray of the remote control. I don’t want to damage it. What should I do?

Q: On my Hu-Motion Frame, I go to open the 'NIX Internal Memory' Folder by pressing ENTER on the remote control.  Nothing happens...why not?

A: Don't worry, something is happening here - but if you have a large amount of data in this folder, the processor will need a few seconds to open it.  For example, if you have 2GB of files stored in the Internal Memory, it could take up to 15 seconds for the folder to open. Just give it some time. 

Q: I’m trying to attach the stand to the back of the frame but it doesn’t seem to click in easily. I don’t want to break it. What now?

A: As the frame and stand are brand new, the stand needs to be properly aligned, then given a firm push and twist clockwise. You will hear a loud click but this is normal. The stand should now have a firm attachment to the frame and the process will be smoother during future uses.

Q: Are there limits on what size of Memory Card I use on a NIX Digital Photo Frame?

A: There are no limits to the size of Memory Card you can use on a frame.  But consider this:  if your card contains thousands of pictures, the frame's processor (much like a computer's) will require more time to process such large data, so the overall speed of the frame might not be as quick as if you had, say, 100's of pictures.

Q: Why is my frame not showing up on my Computer when connected?

A: It might be connected via a Hub that is not allowing it to be recognised.  Please ensure you connect the frame directly to the Computer with the USB Cable provided.

Q: What exactly is the 'Combo' feature on the X08A, X10A, X12A and X15A frames?

A: The 'Combo' function on NIX frames allows you to tailor your own  folders of combined pictures and music to play on the frame.

So, for example, this means you can run a slideshow that only plays your Summer Vacation pictures with a selected soundtrack of your favourite MP3 files of the summer.


1) Put all your specific desired pictures (ie Summer Vacation 2010) into a folder (on your PC or MAC) and add your chosen MP3 or selection of MP3's into the folder

2) Now transfer your folder either onto the Internal Memory of the frame (if

applicable) or load it onto your Memory Card.


1) Choose your device on the frame, ie NAND (Internal Memory), USB, SD etc and hit ENTER.

2)  Now go over to 'Combo' and hit ENTER.

3)  You will see your folder or folders.  Highlight the folder you wish to play then press ENTER twice.  Your tailored picture/music slideshow will start to play.

NB:  If you have individual Picture and Music files that are not folderized but appear in the root 'Combo' folder, if you select any individual picture and hit ENTER, a slideshow will commence from this image and play MP3 files from the root folder also. Note, it will play the first MP3 track from the collection, then cycle through the rest, if there are any.

Q: I want to use a NIX frame in a different country.  Will you frames support the correct voltage? 

A: All NIX Frames come with power adapters that support 100-240V.  So, if that is within your country's range, then so long as you purchase a suitable quality travel adapter, our frames will work no problem.