Re-sizing Photos with Photoshop for your Digital Photo Frame

Thu. Sep. 01, 2011
at 9:56pm

A lot of customers who own NIX Digital Photo Frames are also users of the fantastic Adobe Photoshop – one of the best photo editing program’s available. It can help you edit your photos in many ways, so you can enjoy viewing the final result on your Digital Picture Frame.

Digital Photo Frames come with different display ratio’s that are not always a good match for the original picture ratio. For example, some pictures may appear too small within the digital frame and therefore have black borders, whereas others might be zoomed in and cropped.   Whilst this is good for some to have the option of viewing your image either scaled down or enlarged, there are those who want to see their pictures perfectly displayed in the correct ratio.

Resizing Images using Photoshop

There are several ways to resize an image, and the method we use is depending on what size we need.  But for now, we just want to know how to reduce the size of an image.

For example, after scanning a photo, if we want to reduce the physical sizes (width, height or resolution), we can use the Image Size command.


1)       Choose Image Size from the Image menu

Photoshop re-size image

A dialog box will appear as shown:

Resizing Digital Photo Frame with Photoshop

2)      In this case, we want to change the Image Size to type the final dimension in the box provided.  It is a 4:3 Digital Photo Frame with 800 x 600 pixels.  So , you enter 800 into the width, followed by 600 into the height.

3)      Click OK button to confirm

4)  You now need to save you photo as a JPEG, otherwise it will not be compatible on your Digital Photo Frame.

We hope this has been useful and you get the maximum amount of enjoyment from your NIX Digital Picture Frame.

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