NIX Digital Photo Frames impress more than 500 of New York’s finest leaders

Wed. May. 11, 2011
at 6:44pm

NIX Digital Frames are used as the centerpiece to promote an important charity during a gala evening in New York, attended by the City's corporate, civic and philanthropic leaders.

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On May 4th 2011, The City Year New York corps members took a break from their daily work supporting New York City public schools, as tutors mentors and role models to inspire more than 500 of New York’s corporate, civic and philanthropic leaders. Through their personal stories, some high-energy greetings, and even a round of City Year’s signature Physical Training, the audience experienced the impact that a red jacket has on a student and their learning environment.

In the center of each of the 100 tables, NIX 8" Hu-Motion Frames were set up so that, as the guests arrived, the frames would power on by the Motion Sensor and greet them with a photo slideshow that displayed images and ads that were relevant to the evening's theme.

NIX Digital Frames used for advertising displays


According to event organiser, Ian Rees, there were 'numerous compliments from many guests on the quality and impact of the frames displaying ads and pictures during the event. It was a great success'.  He concluded: ' we plan to grow the size of our dinner in the next few years and will use additional NIX Digital Photo Frames'.

City Year is a national organization that partners with the New York public schools to improve the chance that students will graduate from high school in neighborhoods where one out of every two students is at risk for dropping out. City Year teams of high school graduates, college students and college graduates commit a year or two of their lives to serve full-time in the public schools. The teams help make the schools a more enjoyable place to learn, provide critical services like tutoring and after-school programs, and serve as role models.



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