How Digital Photo Frames can save your business hundreds of dollars, making them thousands instead.

Thu. Sep. 08, 2011
at 12:11am

In this day and age, almost every business is constantly trying to engage their customers with new mediums of advertising their product or service to them in the most effective way possible.  The problem for the majority is the soaring cost of mainstream advertising methods such as broadcast, print, local, even Google Adwords can suddenly take away thousands of dollars of your budget and produce little effect.

With three quarters of America’s businesses being self-employed ‘small to medium’ sized businesses, this type of advertising is out of reach, so other avenues must be visited.  Of course, the beauty of tools such as the internet allows us to methodically reach out for new opportunities, even for low costs.  Naturally, such processes as SEO article writing will not have instantaneous results, however over time, they will add value to your business, if you provide quality and hard work.

One type of advertising that has stood the test of time and can now be complemented even further with affordable display devices is the visual medium.  When we hear about a product or service, whether on the radio or word of mouth, this is never enough to convince us.  Here are some other important requirements.  Apart from being reliable:

· The product must be necessary to the consumer
· The product must be priced fairly and correctly
· The product must cut down on lbor and be considered as 'important'.
· The product should aid the customer and user
· The product should be beautiful
· The product should be advertised 24/7.

Digital signage ads are by far and away the mothers of advertising, as they can reach just about anybody, anywhere.  Stores across the USA are using them, but nowadays even small businesses can use such technologies as cheaper monitors and digital picture frames to convey their messages.  All for a virtually zero cost.

Digital signage can deliver digital advertising at various locations over a network that can be positioned almost anywhere in any location you can think of. Research shows that people are 5 to 10 times more likely to pay attention to Digital Signage content in contrast to traditional static signs and advertising. How many times have we stood in a queue at the store and at the top of the counter was a Digital Photo Frame advertising something? 

These techniques of displaying information at the crucial period of a transaction can easily motivate the consumer to make another purchase.

A growing number of businesses are using NIX Digital Photo Frames for this very reason.   The advantage of Digital Picture Frames is that you are not subscribing to any particular signage package with a specialist software requirement.  The idea here is that you load up your picture presentations or corporate video onto the frame and let them play the way you want them to.   This is far more cost-effective and simple, especially for small businesses or commercial environments where it is neither practical nor in good taste to overload the customer or client with too much information.

With NIX Digital Photo Frames using motion-sensing technology and built-in batteries, finally it is possible for a coffee chain owner to buy visual display units for his 10 shops, create his own advertising designs, change them when he wants to, and get all this done for under $1000.  No contracts required. Have it your way entirely.

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