March 2011

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Wed. Mar. 30, 2011
at 11:33pm

Want to know how to crop and re-size your photos to the proportions of your digital picture frame?

Digital Photo Frames come with different aspect ratios; for example the NIX N' EASY X15A has an aspect ratio of 1024 x 768 pixels. The

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Wed. Mar. 30, 2011
at 5:34pm

Sometimes, we want to create a slideshow with our photos in a very specific order. Here's an easy way to do that.

On a Digital Photo Frame, it is not possible to change the order of pictures

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Mon. Mar. 21, 2011
at 10:28pm

With thousands of photo sharing websites available, it's hard to choose what's the right one. However, with our experience in the world of digital photography and digital photo frames, we can

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Tue. Mar. 15, 2011
at 7:50pm

An interesting article by 'Latest Gadgets' - a UK-focused gadget and technology news site.

Digital photo frames are odd things. They sounded fantastic on paper – all your photos on a little display. But according to a